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Our platforms empower you to deliver exceptional virtual events and experiences.

Yoonity Connect - Virtual events platform Yoonity Explore - 360 interactive experiences

Experience is at the heart of everything we do. Beyond the tech our client engagement and personal touches are unparalleled.

Having a direct connection with the Yoonity team sets us aside from other platforms. We know every event you produce is unique and no single platform can do everything. Broadcasting a live stream is different to immersing your attendees in a 3D world.

Yoonity has two dynamic, industry leading platforms that excel individually and seamlessly integrate together, freeing you to create any type of event.

With our platforms, virtual events of any size can be interactive, exhilarating, and engaging.

Enjoy the speed and simplicity of our flexible events platform.

Packed with more features than you would expect, Connect adapts in real time with your event. Our outstanding delegate management system gives you the control to provide a better user experience for your attendees.

Open and close areas with the flick of a switch, use ‘TAGs’ to show personalised content, decide when to take charge of moving your audience into different sessions and integrate your stream or any web based application.

Embrace 3D experiences with Explore, accessible to all and easy to use.

Immerse your audience in content rich 3D virtual spaces from within their browser. Our easy navigation allows attendees to quickly engage with any type of content and take control of their journey through your world.

You can host unlimited concurrent attendee numbers, either in a one-off event or an always open experience.

The power of two for
improved analytics
increased dwell time
higher scoring feedback
returning attendees

When you choose to integrate a 3D experience into your event, attendees stay for longer and consume more content, leading to improved analytics, higher scoring feedback and increased retention for future events.

Use 3D as an interactive welcome area or to bridge the pause between your live stream with an immersive breakout session. Attendees can explore at their own pace to engage and participate in your event.

Perfect for sponsor areas and community or social interactions. Make your attendees part of the action and their takeaways unforgettable.

Why we're different...

Get inspired by our clients' success

At Yoonity, we’re helping businesses get the most out of their events by providing easy-to-use platforms that allow for complete customisation and personalisation.

We can become part of your team to help deliver events on our Yoonity platforms. Read some of our customer success stories now.

Take control of your virtual events

If you’re looking to take control of your own event, our easy self-managed options give you that opportunity. We provide initial training, ongoing guidance and support.

The Yoonity team monitor the event day too, so you’re supported however you choose to manage your events.

In just 6 minutes we’ll tell you why we’re better!

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