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Unleash the potential of your virtual event

Personalise every aspect of your event, from the visuals to the content, for maximum impact.

Virtual events platform

With an easy-to-use interface, you can create an unforgettable virtual event in no time at all.

A world of
virtually connected possibilities

Connect has been created to change perceptions of what virtual events can be.

With advanced host control and the ability to integrate external web apps almost anywhere. Connect removes the restrictions of conventional virtual platforms.

Six reasons people are choosing Connect...


You have the power to easily move individuals, groups or the entire audience to any session in your event, using our attendee management system.

Virtual events platform

Open and close areas in real time

Tailor the delegate journey to suit your agenda by instantly opening and closing areas. Connect your audience with the ideal content, whenever you need to.

Simple app integration

Seamlessly integrate virtually any third-party, web based app in to Connect to provide additional functionality. Extend your event with an infinite amount of easy plugins.

TAGs. Target Attendee Groups

Create a powerful and personalised experience, with the ability to group attendees by assigning TAGs. Easily show relevant content, such as polls or agendas, to specific user groups.

Build infinite areas

Need a bigger venue? Create an infinite amount of virtual rooms to allow attendees to engage, network and interact with content, at no extra charge.

Real time customisation

Quickly and easily tailor your event to meet the changing needs of your attendees. Our dynamic host tools allow you to instantly deliver specific content in the moment, which maximises audience engagement and interactivity; or create and open whole new areas for attendees to join as your event evolves.

Personalise your brand

Adding your own colours and logos throughout Connect will deliver a tailored and unique brand experience, that helps to engage your event audiences and increase interactivity.

Personalise your navigation bar

Add your own icons, rename the areas, reorder how they appear and turn them on or off instantly. Enable your attendees to access your carefully crafted content; your navigation, your way.

Personalise your rooms

Every room has it’s own video call as a default but that is the only default you’ll find. Turn off the VC or replace it with Zoom. Add a live stream, some pre-recorded video or an app or two or three… or as many as you like.

Personalise your welcome

Your welcome page, hub, reception or lobby sets the tone of your event.

Connect has multiple options for when your attendees first land. Choose between our template builder, custom event maps, websites, web apps or an Explore 3D experience.

Personalise your agenda

Personalise how it looks and how it works.

Connects’ fully responsive, feature packed agenda lets you colour code sessions, update the running order, highlight the Live session and provide quick navigation. You can also choose to only show attendees the sessions they have signed up for, personalising their experience.

Straight out of the box

With our powerful toolset, you can be event ready in no time. Our predefined icons can be renamed, reordered or changed altogether. We have spaces waiting for your live streams, networking and breakout session content.

Main Stage
Attendee list
Customised area

Learn more about the features of Connect, how you can add to our standard
tools and infinitely extend the life of your events!

Hybrid Events that actually Connect

From as little as three seconds, our super low latency solution keeps everyone in sync. 

We can build a virtual environment to sit along side your in person venue. Understanding how to connect both in-person and virtual audiences and when to provide tailored content for your attendees, makes Yoonity your essential partner for hybrid events.

“The platform got rave reviews, lots of people found it very intuitive, easy to navigate around and feeling that they are participating rather than just watching. The best organised virtual event I’ve attended!”

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