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Competition closes on 23rd November

Terms & Conditions

Win a virtual event for up to a maximum of 250 people, up to 3 days in length, on the Yoonity Connect platform. The event includes platform set up and event support. Attendee numbers above 250 people will be chargeable at a ‘per attendee’ rate or larger event licences can be purchased at a reduced ’top up’ rate. Entry closes at midnight on 23rd November 2023 and the event to be hosted within 12 months of the competition close date. The draw will take place on Friday 24th November, and the lucky winner will be notified by email on this day.

Top 6 ways Yoonity elevates your event...

Virtual Events

Engagement, interactivity and participation. The ability to make your online experiences more than watch only and the freedom to customise every aspect to suit your event. If a specific task is not already supported, we are always eager to add new functionality. Super responsive, experienced Event, Creative and Tech team that offer much more project scoping and support.

Hybrid Events

Yoonity's super low latency of 2-3 seconds ensures seamless synchronisation, keeping your audiences perfectly in tune. This feature guarantees a real-time experience and establishes a dynamic connection between in-person and virtual attendees. Our innovative hybrid ticketing system enhances this connection, providing a user-friendly platform bridging the physical and virtual realms.


Accessible to all abilities with unlimited concurrent attendees. Create any kind of content rich 3D space; indoors, outdoors, abstract or using 360° photography. Embed any content and navigate quickly and easily. With detailed behaviour driven analytics that drive maximum return and inform for the next event.

365 Communities

Upload new content that lives long after the event concludes. Form vibrant and dynamic communities that live all year round.

Brand Activations

Create a memorable campaign or 365 space on brand and take your audience anywhere. Animate objects and create experiences that create deep, emotional connections.​


Fully immerse your audience in Virtual Reality headset experiences. Training, tours, exhibitions, the use cases are infinite. Add host controls to enable you to guide your guests to the content you want them to engage with.

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