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Elevate your events with unparalleled flexibility and personalisation.

Our experiential technology adapts seamlessly for any event, ensuring a tailored and impactful experience that aligns with your audience. Transform passive observation into dynamic participation.


Virtual and hybrid conference experiences, where innovation meets seamless collaboration.

  • dynamic agenda management
  • interactive Q&A sessions
  • immersive breakout rooms
  • real-time networking
  • personalised content delivery
  • sync your remote and in person audiences 
  • move your attendees between main stage, breakouts and networking
Conferences on Yoonity become immersive experiences that captivate and encourage attendees to participate:


Transform your AGMs into interactive shareholder meetings.

  • interactive live voting
  • real-time Q&A sessions
  • secure login process
  • policy libraries
  • instant voting
Creating a participatory AGM experience that motivates and brings your stakeholders closer:


Unlock the advantages of online training and learning with our comprehensive platform, offering:

  • flexible scheduling
  • personalised learning paths
  • interactive multimedia content
  • real-time progress tracking
  • collaborative virtual classrooms

Empowering you to cultivate a dynamic and effective educational experience:

Internal Events

Foster team unity and amplify internal messaging with our virtual internal events platform, providing:

  • immersive team-building activities
  • a platform for launching new policies
  • interactive team sessions, solo challenges or 1-2-1 engagement
  • real-time engagement analytics
  • seamless collaboration
Forge stronger connections and aligning your team with organisational goals.

Product & Press Launches

Experience the strategic benefits of launching your new product online, where a global audience awaits:

  • interactive product showcases
  • real-time Q&A sessions
  • Polls and surveys to gather valuable feedback
  • incorporate gamified elements, like quizzes or challenges related to your product, to enhance participant involvement

Launch your product on Yoonity’s platform for global impact, engaging trade press and ensuring your showcasing innovation to your target audience. 


Celebrate achievements in style with Yoonity Explore. Create 360˚ interactive experiences that make award events more than just ceremonies:

  • capture memorable moments with a virtual photobooth
  • challenge attendees with interactive trivia related to the awards categories
  • infuse energy into the ceremony with live DJ sets or musical performances
  • audience participation games: incorporate interactive games that involve the audience, ensuring everyone remains engaged and entertained.

With Yoonity, your award celebrations become immersive, exciting and unforgettable moments for your awardees and attendees.

Trade Shows

Reimagine the trade show experience with Yoonity Explore. Create 360˚ interactive spaces that bring the trade show floor to life in a virtual environment. 

  • virtual booths
  • interactive product demos
  • global accessibility
  • networking lounges
  • accessible anytime, anywhere including post show follow up

Yoonity’s easy navigation and accessibility make trade shows more inclusive and engaging.

Can’t see your use case? Speak with our team now to find out how our technology can elevate your next event!

Designed for complete customisation, Yoonity’s experiential platforms easily adapt from intimate to large-scale events. We provide the flexibility to meet the unique requirements of any occasion

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