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Support – the crucial component to any successful virtual event

Anthony Smith
Posted by Anthony Smith
Successful virtual event

In the final blog of our three-part series on producing better virtual events and conferences, we turn our attention to support.

When planning your virtual event, it is essential to determine the type of support you require, such as asking yourself if you need project support, technical support, event support or something else entirely? 

Before choosing an event platform supplier, ask yourself a few simple questions about how you plan to use the platform, to know if you will get the level of support you require from your chosen supplier.

You can identify what you need by asking yourself a few simple questions about each type of event support available.

Event project support

Project support can fall into two categories: Supporting the build of your event platform and/or offering more comprehensive support around how the event will run.

The former will depend on how much time you want to spend with the platform. It could be that you want to be completely self-sufficient, adding your brand assets, building your areas, and integrating any external apps. Conversely, you may want a partner who can provide a fully managed service, undertaking all the build aspects for you or take something in-between, where the platform is set up in collaboration. Research how flexible your supplier (and their platform) can be, to determine if they can accommodate the level of service you need.

The latter is easily overlooked

Consider tapping into the expertise of the team behind the platform hosting your events. These experts have a unique vantage point; they see what works and what doesn’t. But how can you access this valuable information?

Simple – just bring a member of the platform into your team project meetings! They can help you scope out the event, provide advice on solutions, and attend meetings to ensure your event is a success. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your event to the next level!

Working with a platform partner focussing on the event’s overall success and not just supplying their software can have a massive, positive impact on the outcome of your entire project.

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Event technical support

Having the right technical support for your event is an incredibly important consideration. Consider these key points when selecting your virtual event platform:

  • If there are any technical issues on the day relating to the platform, how easy is it to get hold of a team member and how quick is their response time?
  • If you are hosting a one-day event and their response time is within 24 hours, chances are the event has finished before they have even replied.
  • If the platform operates a ticket system, is it monitored live by their team?
  • Will someone still be on hand if your event is in a different geographical location from where the platform is hosted?

Platforms are built to be stable, but should the worst happen and your event is disrupted with technical glitches, you need a partner that will be on hand to respond and fix any issues.

"It's essential to determine the type of support you require, such as asking yourself if you need project support, technical support, event support or something else entirely?"

Event support

It’s event day, the platform is live, and your attendees are arriving. Are you able to utilise members of the event platform team into the event to help with the running of the event?

This could be to assist with attendee questions or management on the day or it could be to run the platform alongside your production team; either way, does your partner have the capability to provide this for you?

Remember, these are experts in how the platform works and whilst you may believe you can “do it all” enlisting the support of your chosen suppliers team, can help alleviate stress on the big day!

Something else?

Sometimes you get that one requirement that sits outside of the typical structure of an event – this is events after all. How does your event platform partner cope with this?

Speak to their team to assess their ability and experience as well as understand their desire to work outside of the parameters of their software offering – are they flexible enough to work with your needs?

Your host platform is a crucial part of delivering your event; being able to work with the team on a wider event scope can make a real difference to the final delivery. 


Support comes in many guises, from simple technical issues to scoping elements that impact the whole event experience. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions about the level of support you will get, as this could make or break the success of your event.

If you wish to speak to us about the varying levels of support that we can offer, please contact us.

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