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Virtual event customisation – are you in control?

Anthony Smith
Posted by Anthony Smith
Virtual event customisation

In our first article Not all event platforms are created equal, we walked through the process of choosing what features and functionality you need to deliver an engaging event, but how are these functions used and do they align with your overall brand message?

In the second part of our series on how to maximise your return on investment from your virtual event or conference, let’s turn our attention to event customisation.

Customisation falls into two categories – how your platform looks and how it operates – equally important in improving your attendee experience and participation in your virtual or hybrid event.


"Customisation falls into two categories – how your platform looks and how it operates – equally important in improving your attendee experience and participation in your virtual or hybrid event."

What’s in a look?

The extent of which you can customise the look of your platform can determine how far you personalise the appearance for your virtual event attendees. From using an unbranded virtual platform to fully incorporating your company’s assets into the look and feel of your event, customisation can be tailored to suit your needs and can add to the personality and bring life to your digital environment, create a lasting impression for users attending or participating in it.

Get the basics of event platform customisation right

To determine the design flexibility you need, consider the following questions:

  • Can you add your logo?
  • Can you change the interface colours?
  • Can you change the font and font colour?
  • Are you able to upload your own font?
  • Can you change, upload your own and re-colour the navigation icons?
  • Are you able to rename the icons?

Adding your logo to the virtual event platform identifies your brand as the host of the event while being able to update the event’s colours and customise the interface, within the constraints of the event platform, enables you to deliver a wholly branded experience to your event attendees.

The wholly branded experience is the ultimate level of attendee immersion, as every aspect reflects your identity and values. 

I click where?

Now your platform looks like your brand, does it operate in the way you need it to, so you can direct your attendees to the right place at the right time?

Customisation doesn’t stop at branding – it can extend to how your platform is laid out, giving you control of what is shown where, and, when.

This can include:

  • Being able to hide/unhide icons instantly – live if you need to
  • Changing the order of the navigation icons in the interface
  • Adding custom icons to include non-core platform functionality
  • Building breakout or other rooms to work how you need them

Being able to hide/unhide event icons instantly

There are two benefits to being able to hide/unhide event icons in real-time:

1) If a specific feature is not required at all, simply hide it from view to save attendee confusion.

2) If a feature is only needed at a specific time, unhide it when required then re-hide it when it is not.

For example, clicking on a poll only to find there isn’t one can frustrate attendees, yet I see it time and again. If you are not using a feature at all or not using it in a section of your event, without a real purpose, then turn off the function.

Changing the order of the navigation icons in the interface

Imagine you have two events, where the behaviour patterns of both audiences are quite different.

In event one, you know Q&A is the most important interaction for your attendees, while in event two, it is the global chat that rules. Changing where the activation icon sits in your event navigation means you can bring the most used features directly to the top of the pile and personalise the platform around your goals, amplifying attendee engagement.

Adding custom icons to include non-core platform functionality

What happens if you want to use a specific, non-native app during your event? Is your platform flexible enough to allow you to add it to their interface and allocate a custom icon that depicts the apps function?

Being able to add external apps without needing to request a feature or be able to code puts the power in your hands to create a unique platform experience to suit your goals. At Yoonity, we can do that by simply adding the URL of your favourite app. No coding, no waiting, just instant access to the functionality.

Building areas to work the way you need them

Does the platform allow you to customise its features in every area?

Using breakout rooms as an example, what does a breakout room for your event encompass? Does it include a video call? Can you add a live stream that encourages discussions amongst a specific audience? Do you need additional functionality or bespoke apps dedicated to each room?

Knowing how you want your breakout room to work and what sort of interactivity you wish to offer, will dictate how to customise the features.

Achieving uncompromised experiences and engagement

In the first instalment of our blog series, we emphasised the significance of establishing clear aims and structure for your event. Building on that foundation, this article explores the importance of selecting a flexible event platform capable of delivering the desired experiences without compromise.

A genuinely adaptable platform allows you to tailor its features and functionality to align with your event’s objectives, ensuring an engaging and impactful experience for all attendees.

Find a partner that delivers a platform to work for your event, not one where your event needs to work around its platform.

If you want to learn how to take complete control of the functionality, features and experience of your next virtual event or conference, book a six-minute demo with our team today.

In the final blog of our three-part series we will explore what areas of your virtual event require support.

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