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Springer Healthcare & Yoonity – A Partnership in Virtual Event Success

Client Overview

Springer Healthcare is a globally recognised leader in healthcare education and communication. With an extensive network of 19 offices, over 400 employees, and more than 100 specialised medical writers, they provide strategic medical communication solutions and specialised training programs across a wide range of therapeutic areas.


The Clients Virtual Platform Brief

Springer Healthcare sought a flexible partner to host multiple events in various formats and languages, catering to a global audience. Their requirement went beyond a virtual event platform only, needing bespoke event websites with content management systems (CMS) and analytics, managing the assessment and certification process for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits and providing full event production for their live and pre-recorded events.


Having a clear and compelling purpose and understanding what experience you want your audience to have, is essential to creating a lasting impact from your event.

Yoonity Delivers

Yoonity have so far successfully delivered six medical educational program webinars and two internal town halls on the Yoonity Connect event platform.

They designed and built customisable websites with CMS for pre-event registration and teaching content, working alongside partner production companies to produce pre-recorded live sessions, live webinars and on-demand content.

A dedicated project management team from Yoonity worked closely with Springer Healthcare’s internal teams and external production companies to ensure smooth delivery of all content, creating a fully interactive engagement experience for attendees and delivering an impressive digital experience.

The Yoonity Connect platform tracked all event participant’s activity to provide Springer Healthcare with a comprehensive report. This covered everything from registrations to engagement and post-event follow up, including a database driven CMS with filterable analytics of pre and post assessment questions and Evaluations.


Bespoke built event websites

A Springer event website needs to have several, interchangeable elements. Event details, registration, pre-event evaluation questions, educational material before the live event and post evaluation questions, surveys and on demand content, post event.

The start point is always the design, as each event has a distinct audience, sponsor and brand identity. Yoonity takes Springer’s existing event assets and adds their own event experience to create a unique landing point, giving attendees information about the event content, including speakers bios, session details and CME point accreditation for attending at the event. 

Visitors are invited to register, after which additional content is made available for some events. This includes learning materials, videos, surveys and gives attendees the ability to submit questions, using either text or video submission.

After the event has finished, the edited event sessions are added to on demand pages to complete the process.

Springer’s events have global audiences and Yoonity produces websites with multiple language versions to cater for every region.

Websites are built with a full CMS admin panel, so the event teams can monitor registration numbers, pre-event evaluations data and respond to any questions.


Event production

Springer Events are both live and simu-live formats and, working with selected partners, Yoonity supports all options. Yoonity organise sessions to cover rehearsals, pre-recorded content and live broadcasts as well as editing the final material for post event, on demand viewing. Yoonity’s partners have in person and virtual studios and also deploy teams to event locations within the UK and the rest of the world.


Rehearsals form a crucial part of the process, allowing speakers to get familiar with the studio set-up and any technology being used. It also gives the production team a chance to check and advise on the speaker’s technical set up, ensuring their connection, microphone and lighting are event-ready. Having tested all elements in advance, including slides and assets to be shared, the speakers and moderators are event ready, knowing exactly what their role is.

Pre-recorded content

Pre-record sessions are used for two purposes; to either produce promotional content, for sharing on social media and within the event website, or to record full webinar sessions for playout in simu-live events.

Once the session has been captured, Yoonity edit the content to ensure it is the right length and format for the chosen session.

Live Events

Having held rehearsal sessions, prepped all of the assets and tested all studio feeds Yoonity’s team will handle every aspect of the production on the live day. From show calling to speaker management, Yoonity takes care of every detail, ensuring the show runs smoothly. 

On event day, the chosen feed method is embedded into the Yoonity Connect platform for attendees to join, watch and engage with.


Event Platform

Yoonity’s innovative virtual event platform, Connect, is used to host all of Springer Healthcare’s events. Offering flexibility and customisation to meet changing requirements for different event types, Connect enables Springer Healthcare to run unlimited events throughout the year.

Connect’s flexibility allows it to be part of the process long before the event day. Our bespoke registration websites seamlessly integrate with Connect using an API, which automatically exchanges attendee information to generate attendee’s unique access links, which are sent to each person using event branded invites.

The Connect platform is fully branded with the event specific assets, including the use of bespoke icons and layout for the attendee navigation bar.

Events use a combination of features, including Connect’s interactive agenda, global chat, Q&A and polling, which increases attendee engagement with the content and speakers. Springer also used Connect’s TAG system, identifying attendees by geographic area to join region specific breakout sessions.

Yoonity partner with external app suppliers to provide an enhanced suite of interactions at different events, including live, multi language translations, quizzes and word clouds in their breakout rooms. 

At the end of the breakout sessions, the Yoonity Event Team used Connect’s delegate management system to bring everyone back to the main presentation, minimising attendee navigation movement times.

Post event, Connect provides a full set of analytics, detailing individual attendee journeys, viewing times and interactions.

“ We have now worked with them for many events, with additional features that enhance the experience for our learners, and hope to continue our collaboration for many more.”


Outstanding Virtual Event Results

The partnership between Springer Healthcare and Yoonity proved successful, with one of the webinars winning a Medcomms award.

Springer Healthcare praised Yoonity’s customisable platform, innovative concepts, and attention to detail, to ensure the experience was everything Springer Healthcare wanted.


When we first started working with Yoonity we were all reeling from the Covid pandemic and moving to online events as quickly as we could. Yoonity also emerged from that with a product that has just got better and better. They listen to their clients and plan developments around market needs. They are professional and personable and very responsive. One thing that we always need is flexibility and Yoonity are great at understanding that. They are very competitive price wise and definitely give value for money. They really have worked hard to build their business into a unique events platform with many features to suit any requirements. Fully recommend them. Just have a chat and see if they can deliver your vision. Likely they can!


This case study of Springer Healthcare and Yoonity demonstrates how a comprehensive, flexible, and responsive digital event platform and responsive team can effectively meet the complex needs of a global healthcare education provider. 

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