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Breaking down barriers into virtual reality experiences

Creating a fully immersive world is quick, easy and cost effective using our Explore 360˚ SaaS platform. Removing the need to code each experience means a fast turnaround, simple to edit and update.

Explore can be fully personalised and enjoyed across multiple devices
or configured to work in a VR headset.


360˚ renders, photography or video form the foundation of your 3D

The personality of your experience comes from the design. We transform your ideas into 3D, choosing the right setting, colours, style and lighting to capture the character of your event. Alternatively, we can give you file output guidance, if you design your environment in house.


Transform any of your content into an immersive experience

Now you have your destination, it’s time to fill it with content. No more passive observation. We ensure all content is easy to find and interact with, making your guests feel part of the event, instead of just watching.

go live

Host up to 150,000 concurrent users without lag

Our technology allows you to host any size audience without the need for high-spec equipment. Simply join and use easy point to point navigation to explore your world.

Website integration

We can host your Explore experience in a stand alone website, within our Connect platform, or provide an iFrame for you to add to your own website. Explore can be enjoyed using a standard browser on any device, no need to download additional software or dedicated apps.

Beyond the browser into VR

Fully immerse your audience by taking Explore into Virtual Reality headsets. Perfect for tours, training and events, we can add host controls to enable you to guide your guests to the content you want them to see and engage with.

360° experience platform

Data driven analytics

With Yoonity Explore, you’ll discover detailed analytics, from user behaviour and habits to event engagement levels which help you deliver unforgettable experiences that drive maximum return for sponsors and event participants.

“Thank you for being the flexible, roll-with-the-punches, can-do bunch of people you are, and for making our event a true moment of company pride and connection. Changes…you handled all of it with grace, professionalism and ‘no problem’. We’ve had great feedback internally.”

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