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Transforming ordinary events into extraordinary experiences

Anthony Smith
Posted by Anthony Smith
There is an ongoing battle for event producers, to deliver engaging events that encourage participation from attendees.

In a recent article on Event Industry News, we looked at how adding a 3D experience can level up your event, increase attendee interaction and the time they spend in your event.

The article referenced two events in a series we hosted for a medical client – one with 3D and one without. While the infographic shows the positive impact on attendee retention, it needs some further clarification on why this happens.

Practical application of 3D event

In the article we highlighted four applications of 3D, let’s delve into these a little more:

Welcoming Attendees:

Utilising 3D for events, organisers possess a powerful toolkit for creating memorable attendee experiences from the moment participants log in. The journey can begin with the personal touch of customised welcome videos to greet attendees as they arrive, immediately establishing a sense of connection.

These videos set the stage, providing an engaging introduction to the event and offering a glimpse into what lies ahead. In addition, by adding an interactive treasure hunt, you can transform the opening moments into a captivating adventure. Gamification elements encourage attendees to explore the 3D environment, generating excitement, engagement and a sense of participation right from the start.


Creating immersive stages:

In 3D events, the stage becomes a vibrant centre of activity, far more than just a backdrop. Here,
interaction reigns supreme, with polls and Q&A sessions seamlessly integrated into the experience. These features allow attendees to actively engage with speakers and peers in real-time, transforming passive observation into dynamic participation.

Live-streamed sessions further enhance the immersive experience, bringing key presentations and
discussions directly to attendees’ screens. This fusion of technology and engagement makes the 3D event stage a hub of interaction and learning.


Engaging sponsors:

Your sponsors occupy a central position in the 3D event environment, with individual areas to showcase their offerings. These virtual spaces offer attendees an opportunity to explore sponsor booths, engage with representatives, and gain valuable insights. What sets this apart is the level of personalisation sponsors can provide.

Attendees can receive different experiences, ranging from product demonstrations to one-on-one
consultations. Sponsor areas can be built with engagement tools to immerse attendees in their products or services, adding an extra layer of interaction to the event.


Facilitating interaction:

Interaction is the lifeblood of 3D events, and a variety of interactive elements ensure that attendees have ample opportunities to connect, engage, and create lasting memories. Examples of these include virtual photo booths that allow participants to capture fun moments and share them with others. Mini-games and interactive exhibits add an element of entertainment and engagement, turning the event into an enjoyable experience. 

Social media integration ensures that attendees can easily share their experiences, join discussions, and connect with fellow participants, fostering a sense of community. All these elements combine to facilitate meaningful interactions and make the 3D event an unforgettable occasion.

A real-world example: The eBay festival

Let’s look into the case and significant benefits of eBay’s 3D festival. eBay’s 3D festival stands as a testament to the power of breaking down time zone barriers. In a world where geographical
distances and time zone disparities often hinder international collaboration, eBay’s 3D festival managed to create a truly global celebration.

By harnessing the capabilities of the 3D event platform, eBay successfully brought together participants from various corners of the world, breaking free from the constraints of traditional online events. This unique approach not only demonstrated the global reach of 3D events but also showcased their potential to unite individuals and businesses on a global scale. It highlighted the ability of 3D events to foster meaningful connections and collaborations among diverse, geographically dispersed communities. 

A lasting impact: beyond the event

We also looked at the added benefits of being able to extend the life of your event, as the impact of a 3D event extends far beyond the moment when the virtual curtains finally close.

Unlike traditional in-person gatherings, where the memory of the event often fades once participants leave the venue, 3D events are designed to leave a lasting impression. The content and connections formed within the immersive 3D environment persist long after the event concludes, resulting in the formation of a vibrant and dynamic community. Stay tuned, as we’ll be producing another blog that delves even deeper into how 3D experiences create enduring communities and lasting value.

Are you ready to experience the transformative power of 3D events first-hand? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of a dynamic community that evolves and grows even after the virtual curtains close.

Join us today to embark on a journey of ongoing engagement, learning, and connection. Your next immersive and memorable experience awaits – take the first step towards it now!


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