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Welcome to Explore.

This page showcases a variety of 3D environments, created as either stand alone experiences for specific campaigns or as 360° spaces for virtual events.

Please note – some of these projects remain under NDA and, whilst we have permission to show our work privately, we would appreciate that this page and examples shown are not shared publicly.

Our first example, the Lofthouse, has been created specifically as a demo environment with working interactions.

Some of the content interactions within the historical spaces (2 – 6) have now lapsed, but the design and ease of navigation will give you a flavour of the 3D experience and overall project.

How to navigate:

  • Hold down your left mouse button and move your mouse to look around
  • Click on objects to interact with the content
  • Use the Hotspots to navigate around the space

The experiences are best viewed full screen, simply click ‘escape’ to return to the main page.

1 – The Lofthouse.

Here you can watch videos, interact with the scenery and take a look behind the scenes of 10 Downing Street… just look out for the bees!

Our Photo Booth is live, take a picture and add yourself to our gallery!

2 – Sunil Gavasker.

An interactive fan experience with legendary Indian cricketer, whereby fans could interact with Sunil’s life story, new content and purchase NFT’s.

3 – eBay.

A 24-hour internal staff festival, party and conference rolled into one, to celebrate the successful launch of their in-house payment system.

Highlights of the virtual festival included a DJ set, ‘digital swag’ download areas, a photo booth with custom frames and

4 – Greif.

An internal safety conference whereby staff could interact with serious messaging through a series of challenges in a fun multi-zone environment.

Colleagues could compete against each in gamified leaderboard experiences, complete treasure hunts, upload videos of themselves, interact on a social wall and keep up to date with the ongoing company safety strategy. 

5 –  Roche.

A three part, six day virtual conference with the live stream embedded into the 3D.

Attendees could download documents, click on speaker bios, jump into breakout sessions and interact with sponsor booths with video chat, brochure/video download functionality.

6 – Macys.

A virtual choose your own adventure holiday gamified experience.

This interactive experience let users explore their unique style and offered the added excitement of winning gift cards.

Create your experience in three easy steps.

design   build   go live

“I began to develop a small idea that would eventually lead us to this day. However, I could not have imagined that the concept in my head would be so fully realized, and in ways I did not even know were possible. Thank you all so much. You have been patient, creative, supportive, and such a joy to work with.”

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